Holding Space Through Mountains

Photo Credit: Rachel Claire


I hear sands as my toes walk through the earth.
The particles dance beneath my feet and embrace my skin.

I feel the sun. The rays collapse at my existence. Welcoming my voice and body.
My shadow walks behind my presence, and I watch my being transform into shapes.

The wind is sensational. The air flows through my nose into my lungs.
The song is pleasing.
I release the sounds of a whirlwind. I am still moving.

I am discovering new things about myself. It is new, and things feel uncomfortable.
Accepting that life has its pace.
And every journey unravels in its own time.
I believe in myself and my ability.
Finding satisfaction and happiness within. Unconditionally happy.
I don’t have to wait till I have it all.

Sometimes your fountain of joy needs to be rebuilt,
Because our model for life brings us only resistance and stress.

I am looking forward to the next beautiful sunrise…

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