Allowing Purpose to Unfold

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Searching for meaning.

Searching for the pot of gold. Searching for fulfilment. Searching for love. Seeking.
And sometimes, we have setbacks in our exploration. We have misinterpretations. We lose a sense of who we are. And our default is to configure ourselves to fit in. We forget how to feed our souls. We lose hope. We stop being creative, and we only aspire to attain more things. And attach to social status. To give in to a hierarchy of significance. To fill a void. To impress the same people that do not care about our wellbeing.

Sometimes life feels like you are showing up in the dark. And realize that there is no one-size-fits-all. What works for one person might not be a good fit for another. Yes, you can learn from others. There are studies, interviews, research, and lectures. But our life is a product of decisions. Eventually, you have to learn to trust your intuition and know what is best for you. Knowing what makes you happy is an acquired skill.

Success and happiness are two different paths. Everyone has a unique journey. Everyone will experience mountains, valleys, and seasons of change.
Do not confuse pleasure for happiness. One is fleeting in a moment, and the latter is long-lasting fulfilment.

Fulfilment in life comes from finding a set of skill sets that you are interested in and using them to serve others. You continuously improve and challenge those skillsets. We take our attention from ourselves and show up to add value to others. It is a combination of experiencing curiosity and progress.

And yes, know the difference between generosity and the lack of boundaries. Life is not only about giving and sharing love; but also about learning to protect ourselves in the process.

Sometimes in life, we deal with unhealed trauma and unresolved issues. We often cannot control what happens to us, but we can work towards healing.
Healing is finding the harmony between accountability, acceptance, and forgiveness. Healing is not linear.
After being conditioned to operate from survival, we are used to internal conflict. Fighting the life we in our vision and our current reality. Fleeing from one source of fear to the other. We run around in circles till we get to the same place as last time. Years have passed, too afraid to act on any opportunity. Too complacent to see yourself beyond your current state.

We numb ourselves. With alcohol, meaningless relationships, and hours wasted in front of a screen. We believe the lie that we have nothing to offer. That there is nothing more to live for. So we end up in a cycle of reminding ourselves why we are not deserving of what we want. Holding on to regrets and the pain of the past. Never really moving on. Feeling stuck. In time, we realize that we are also part of the problem. It is so easy to play the victim. To tell the story of how someone is controlling your life. Of how you are still living the consequences of another person’s decision. There was no consent coming into the world. Addiction to the pain because that story enables us to be the same. Never knowing what happiness looks like. The lack of belief in deserving any progress.

Chasing purpose is not only about finding what you are born to do. But also learning to forgive the versions of yourself that kept you stuck. That made you feel defeated. True healing comes from the renewal of the mind. Let go of the identities that you carried. Let go of trying to appease people that never cared about your well-being. Forgive those that hurt you. It is a burden to carry pain on your shoulders. That pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice. You do not have to show up bitter anymore.

If you live to avoid pain, you will also pass on love and joy.

So why are you here?

You are here to embark on a journey
You are here to challenge the versions of yourself
You are here to embrace being a work in progress and a finished product at the same time
You are here to get your hands dirty
You are here to roll up your sleeves
You are here to experience a range of life experiences. The wins, failures, joy, sadness, happiness, grief
Life is about embracing duality without losing yourself
Life is about letting go of identities and open to newness
Life is about enjoying the relationships
Life is about growing pains
Life is finding peace even in the valleys
Life is about acceptance
Life is mastery of oneself and simultaneously letting go
Life is not trying to control everything
Life is finding hope in the dark times
Life is showing up regardless of how you feel because you can still influence your future
Life is about surrendering to what we do not know
Life is about embracing change

There is no magic formula to life.
Start with changing your attitude towards life. Learn to surrender. Learn to be content with less. Learn to simultaneously make the best of what you have and challenge yourself. That there is unlimited potential waiting to be discovered.

And in the midst of your pursuit, be intentional with your decisions and how you show up. Live from each moment to another moment. Not worrying about predicting the future or hung up on the past.

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