Video Interview: Customize Your Fitness Journey

A couple of months into the new year and time to reflect on our resolutions. Whether it is being more active, losing a few pounds, taking more walks, using the stairs, or cutting out sugar. Every incremental change in your habits determines the body you will be living with for the rest of your life. The overload of information makes it challenging to decide on food options and exercise plans. An interview with Jen Grewal helps create a foundation around wellness and leading a healthier lifestyle.

Exercise has always been a huge part of Jen Grewal‘s life. Her first career was as a Mechanical Draftsperson in the Oil & Gas Industry. Later, she transitioned into the fitness industry. She started as a personal trainer but decided Group Fitness was a better fit. She has since been teaching group fitness full time and it has given her much of a better outlook on life. She is so blessed to work in a career that she is truly passionate about. And the best part of her job is the amazing people she meets every day and the relationships forged along the way.

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