Imagine trying to herd cats: it’s impossible. As creative people, our brains are constantly cooking up ideas and stories, and this is an outlet to share and connect with other creators and lovers of art. We express ourselves through different modes. Cheers to all those that have ever felt that the norm should be challenged. To individuals that believe that art and entertainment is a tool to weave people together.



To educate, empower, and entertain people around the world through the power of storytelling.



Meet Kimberly Ihekwoaba 


C3E60409-D7C8-4426-A872-5E81AFF8C4C2Kimberly Ihekwoaba is a Multimedia Storyteller. She creates story productions for a target audience. Her works of art are on platforms such as plays/theatre productions, prose, film, interviews, skits and spoken word poetry. 

Kimberly utilized her investigative skills to break into the industry as a science writer in 2015. Her investigative, intuitive, and problem-solving personality, led her to complete a degree in Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Following her experience in stories with science and technology, she transitioned into writing untold stories in the community. Kimberly focuses on using platforms to entertain, educate and empower people through storytelling. 

Kimberly’s work evolved as she immersed herself in literature. Writing is a place that permits her to be soft, bold, and fearless. Her originality is based on portraying life from a contradictory point of view. She brings honest, transparent, and conspicuous sentiments to her works. It is a platform to connect and become a storyteller in the lives of others. Likewise, she shares topics on lifestyle, art, inspiration and travel.

Kimberly’s interests include travelling, dance, and learning the Spanish language and culture. Her love for Latin culture attracts dance styles like bachata, salsa, and rueda. She views dance as an outlet to freely express yourself. She is also involved in dance styles like hip-hop, afrobeat and step. She has been part of dance competitions and performed on stages.


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