You are not a label

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This is for the misfit, those that used to fit in and want to explore other parts of life, and those that no longer desire to carry the weight of a title.
When you receive a form, survey, or when someone asks, “why are you so weird?”
Yes, I look a certain way, but I have lived experiences of diverse cultures.

I am open-minded.
I learn about languages and cultures across the world.
I don’t fit into any box.

It can be so draining to explain my interests and inclinations. And on top of that, people pull out their limiting perception of identities.

We’ve heard it all before-

Well, if you identify as a woman – why do you dress like that?
Prove that you are a man – get all the girls you can.
How old are you? – So what have you accomplished?
You are too much.
Who would want to be with you? You are too much.
I don’t believe you. Prove it.
What kind of work do you do? – Is that all you have to offer?
Who do you think you are?

I find for every set of labels comes unwritten societal expectations. You can’t control how other people perceive you.

At the end of the day, what matters should be your self-image, how you treat people, surrounding yourself with people that respect your differences, and living a fulfilled life.

We are continuously evolving, and labels should not matter.

I write,
I dance,
I sell,
I offer diverse services,
I help people,
I pray,
I meditate,
I am nerdy,
I also like fashion,
I also like art,
I use science to understand the world,
I am intuitive,
I understand the process of osmosis, I also know how to express myself with my body, I know how to use storytelling to elicit an emotional response…

I believe as a human, we are multifaceted. Our world is all about self-expression and becoming better versions of ourselves.

And we shouldn’t be limited by a box.

Or keep on creating another name to validate our desires. 

Normalize being misunderstood

Something I have learned is that people will find a reason to disrespect you.
Regardless of your sex, gender, religious beliefs, economic status, the kind of work you do, etc.
You are continuously navigating the company you choose to keep, self-expression, and what it means to be of service to others. 

All you can do is to unapologetically set boundaries and not tolerate B.S.

So who are you? You are an infinite being. Just be.

Hi, I’m Kimberly Ihekwoaba and I am a multimedia storyteller. I entertain, educate, and empower people around the world through the power of storytelling. Check out my blog for my latest posts.

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