Being Active while Homebound


With the Coronavirus warnings, across the world, people are asked to stay home and activate social distancing. Being homebound might not be something you are used to. Here is a list of activities you can partake in at this time.

1.  Learn a new skill.
It could be a language, taking online courses or watch online tutorials.

2. Get organized
With the day-to-day routine, some of us find ourselves with a long to-do list that never ends. It is a great opportunity to put things away, declutter and get organized.

3. Re-evaluate your life
This is where journaling comes in. Take a book and a pen and write down what you want to accomplish this year. Despite the travel ban, you can look for creative ways to get things done. Perhaps, you might have to delay and/or reschedule plans for later in the year. All that matters that you have clarity on what you want to achieve.

4. Call your friends
While homebound, it is good that you are distancing yourself, but don’t stay isolated. You want to make calls to friends.

5. Rest
Take that break you need. It is time to relax.

6. Get creative
Whether it is music, drawing, writing, graphic design, etc. Let your creativity span. And imagination is not restricted to only art, perhaps you have research ideas that you are itching to divulge in. Write all your ideas on paper.

7. Exercise
Improvise on staying active. You can be taking the stairs, use dumbells, bodyweight exercise, and resistance bands.

8. Dance
Put on a good tune and let your body unfold.

9. Read a book
There are tons of ebook online. Also, you can dust off an old book and read.

10. Practice gratitude
Despite all the uncertainties and disappointments, there is still aspects of your life to be cheerful about. Don’t take the little things in life for granted.



Hi, I’m Kimberly Ihekwoaba and I am a multimedia storyteller. I entertain, educate, and empower people around the world through the power of storytelling. Check out my blog for my latest posts.



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