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Discipline is like any skill. It can be developed and there will be always room for improvement. I used to think that freedom was associated with chaos. Sort of like anarchy.  Now, I see that freedom is discipline. And in order to implement discipline, it requires structures and systems.


Productivity starts from the mind. It is important to set your intentions for the day. What you give attention to grows. So be mindful of what your focus on. Expect your mind to wander, however, it is your responsibility to realign your focus throughout the day. It is recommended to avoid the use of cell phone within the first hour of your day. You can put your phone on airplane mode the night before. Begin the day with positive content, affirmations, gratitude, or taking a glance at what you want to accomplish.


Preparation begins the night before. Figure out what you want to get done.  Currently, I utilize a digital calendar to plan my day. This is helpful because I have a visual layout of activities in front of me. Google calendar is a go-to. It is linked to your Google account and it is a free resource. Other calendars and scheduling programs include, whenIwork, Time Tap, Square Appointments, Resource Guru,, Cozy, My Study Life, 24me, Apple Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar.


The calendar layout enables you to break your day in sectors and/or themes. It is important to have a detailed description of each theme. For example, if time was allocated to storytelling, I will highlight what projects in particular that I wish to work on. Let’s say, work on a play, or revise a blog, etc.


Outside of work activities, or key money-making activities, you also want to add exercise, rest, stretch, prayer/meditation, and making out time for friends and family. The most successful people schedule everything down, from conference calls to laundry.


Have an organized working space. If room allows it, designate your work area. Order breeds clarity. And clarity breeds speed. In terms of your work environment, figure out what you need to stay focused. Do you prefer background music? Or do you need complete silence? With more practice, you can make better decisions on what suits you.


Scientists have come to the conclusion that it takes 21 days to learn a new habit. My theory is that the amount of time it takes to change a habit is dependant on how long you operated in such habit. The analogy I use is cutting down a tree versus removing a plant. Cutting down a tree will take more effort because the roots cut deep. In the case of a plant, with the write gloves, you can yank it out. Take on one to two habits at a time. Also, give yourself the grace to change. Know that in the process of transformation, there will be setbacks and doubts. But you have to remember to press on, no matter what.



Hi, I’m Kimberly Ihekwoaba and I am a multimedia storyteller. I entertain, educate, and empower people around the world through the power of storytelling. Check out my blog for my latest posts.



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