How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others (And What to Do Instead)

With the buzz of the internet, social media, and peer pressure, it is easy to fall into comparison with other people. The pictures on the screen tell the story of a stronger and smarter person out there.  Next comes jealousy, envy, and low-self esteem. It is important to stop this cycle by accepting that no one has a perfect life. Everyone is going through a battle, some are able to mask it better than others.
The first step is to focus on your own growth. A gratitude journal is essential to celebrate the small things in life that we take for granted. It could be as simple as having a roof over your head, food, clothing, a stream of income, a family, a child, etc. Shifting your focus to yourself is the first step to recognizing the beauty in your life. Additionally, creating an accountability structure helps to track wins and focus on growth. Seeing where you started and your present situation brings back your focus on progress and not perfection.
The second step is to celebrate small wins. Don’t wait for a grand event to give yourself a tap on the back. Perhaps you are prepping for a marathon, award your efforts while training – for getting up early and showing up daily – a night out in the restaurant, going to the movies, or taking an art class.
Lastly, manage your time on social media. Don’t spend endless times scrolling past pics after pics. Use a timer anytime you are on social media. It has been suggested to restrict to only one hour a day.
The next time, you are feeling down and it might seem easier to look at your phone or a computer to justify that people are better off than you. Shut off that small voice and celebrate the progress and the beauty in your life.


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