Redefine Your 2022 & Journal Launch

Photo Credit: Ales Krivec

As the days slowly roll out, we are still hopeful for the new year. The pandemic and new variants feel like current situations are dragging longer than expected. It is as if we take one step forward and two steps backwards. The dread of travel restrictions and a sense of uncertainty still cloud our minds. Don’t get me wrong, things are slowly coming back to normal. Some new normal. Not sure what normal should look like anymore.

After being disconnected for months, and dealing with the anxiety that comes with life feeling unpredictable, there is some kind of clarity. And we can all start from there.

Some have lost loved ones or jobs, or at a point in their life not knowing what the next steps should look like. Sometimes there is beauty in being lost. You are able to start again. To begin anew. And yes, it can be scary and it can hurt.

But what is scarier is looking up and realizing that nothing changed. That you were stuck in the cycle of doubts and fear and couldn’t take the first step. Any step. And you look over the fence and see others experiencing progress.

Journalling has been a creative outlet. Not just to pour out my emotions on the page. But to also have some insight into my thoughts. I have written ideas, stories, projects. Although, sometimes I have days that feel as if I can’t put anything on paper; I have been able to live from a place of inspiration. Whether it be the wind hitting my skin, a random conversation, a TV show, or the sight of a free-spirited child. A reminder to everyone that this journey is peculiar with a handful of ups and downs. And we have to figure out how to overcome the pain and setbacks in the process.

And I want to share that with you today. I created a journal that you can use at your own pace. 365 days of inspiration, affirmation, and gratitude. This is a daily reminder of exploring your creativity and finding solutions within yourself. And if you miss one day or a month, that is ok. You can start over again. Let this year be your year. To practice compassion. The past two years have been stressful enough. Let us make the best out of what we do have. And be grateful for where we are starting from. Taking the pressure off what you did not do and loving yourself for what you did do.

As we get back to our routines, let us be present with our loved ones and enjoy those moments. Let us surround ourselves with people that bring out our best.

My goals for 2022

> Be unapologetic about what sets my soul on fire. I don’t have to explain myself. Becoming comfortable with being misunderstood.
> Gratitude practice. I know sometimes it feels hard to see the good.
> Be intentional with spending time with friends and family.
> Do things that scare me. Calculated risks.
> Explore different cultures. Even starting with my local community.
> Challenge my knowledge and skills.
> Meet people with unconventional lifestyles. Expanding the meaning of normal.
> Be compassionate with myself, even for the goals I did not meet and my shortcomings.
> Forgive myself.
> Be active in communities, both virtual and in-person.
> Ask even when my voice is shaking. Asking for help, collaboration, and support.

What are your goals? And what is one thing you are grateful for this year?
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