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“If you lay with a scorpion, don’t be surprised when it finally stings you.” ~DaShanne Stokes

This piece was birthed out of the discussions surrounding deceit. Individuals have experienced times where people they least expect end up deserting them. It could be the basis of a business partner running away with a large percentage of revenue. Or getting blackmailed by a family member. Even, there are circumstances where it is a close friend that lies behind your back. Regardless of the scenario, it boils down to one statement. “You know them not”. Or you can rephrase; “You do not really know them.”


I trusted him with every ounce of pride left in my bones. I fed the whispers that said, give him another chance. I peeled off my conscience as he dressed me with his smiles. I broke down to pieces as I wrote a letter to my old self.

Baby girl, thunder is temporary. The sky changes with seasons and so do you. When the rain comes, let it water your growth. So that you may become better. And when the sunlight scatters above, I hope that you will be filled with gratitude and joy. I wish I can tell you a formula for life, but none exists. Prayers leave our lips daily in hope for protection for today. But life is a contrast. Your cheeks will have times where it is wet, your eyes will hold wet crystals and your mouth will be heavy with sorrow. but I hope that you’ll learn how to thrive and conquer. As I end this sincere message, I’ll like to add, don’t torment yourself for your mistakes and leave each day beyond fear; working towards greatness each day.



Does this resonate with you?

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