Overcoming the Pitfalls

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A lot of individuals have been affected in today’s economy. There have been thousands of layoffs and a slow progress to the employment rates. Today, I will be sharing tips on overcoming this economy downturn. And hope that you can gain creative ideas to land yourself in the job. Remember you have to be a person of value, for a company to consider hiring you. Always be in the position of representing yourself with a positive light.


1. Do not limit yourself on just online application

Although online is the primary resource for finding jobs that are available, don’t limit your resume to just applications that are online. Go out and meet people. Make people aware of your experiences and your area of expertise. Who knows? A handshake can land a job.

2. Learn how to deal with rejection

I have been in the same position. Spending hours in front of a screen. I stopped keeping track of the number of applications I sent in a day. I was only focused on meeting my quota for the day. Mine was at least 5 jobs a day. And that was at the level where I have gone from applying to a position related to my studies to applying to anything that I know that I have transferable skills. It can be detrimental. Getting phone calls and interviews with the same reply; “we regret to inform you…”. After reading the same letters I would go out to get some air. Cool down and then return to applications. Always reach out to your support network. A constant reminder that everything is alright.

3. Work on your resume

Gone are the days where a sloppy resume can land a job. You have to be intentional when getting a job. Always review the skill set for the desired position and tailor your resume and cover letter to match and portrays those skills. When describing your past work experiences, remember that you should not be only mentioning the role of the title but also the impact that you made on the job. For example, you were a receptionist in a previous role. Don’t just tell me you answered calls. Talk about how you were also able to manage communications between business and negotiate your way to having recurring customers. This is just an illustration. In order words, share your what you were accountable for.

4. Create a plan of action for your job search

Have a written plan of at least three possible positions you will be interested in. Ask these questions to yourself: What will be the function of the job? What is my expected salary range? How do you see yourself in terms of your specialisation and profession? What industries am I likely to apply to? Have discussions with individuals in similar industries and job roles. Figure out how you can transfer skills.

5. Use resources

There are government and non-for-profit agencies that have resources for individuals dealing with unemployment. Seek for their guidance. Know what materials are available for you. Meet a career advisor and discuss what are the possible options. Go to education sessions like seminars, presentations and other resources available in your community.

6. Be creative on how to get your resume to the decision makers

When your resume is submitted online, it usually means that it goes to the human resources department. They are usually the filters before it is sent to the owner of the business or hiring manager. We will refer this individual(s) as the decision maker.  It is of your best interest to figure out creative ways to hop over the human resources. This could include having a direct letter addressed to the decision maker. Also, you could walk into the building (if allowed) and asked to directly see the decision maker.

7. You are not alone; don’t isolate yourself

In such difficult times, it is easy to isolate yourself, lock yourself indoors all day and become distant. Rather, I believe it is important to be intentional with meeting people. Go walk in the park, interact with a random dog. You could also volunteer and get new connections there. True story, I started volunteering and then I got someone who was able to come to my home and get my hair done. At a much lower rate than a salon. And yes I slay after my hair is done.

8. Be a person of value, money is a by-product

Don’t limit yourself to applying to only jobs. Look at other services you can directly provide to people for some extra income. It could be cleaning homes, taking care of kids, selling a product, renting a room, using Airbnb to have your own mini-hotel service, make-up, fixing zips on clothing, artwork, tutoring, and the list goes on. Don’t have that belief that your work defines who you are. A job is only a role, you are an infinite being and able to create magical experiences in your life. No matter what happens, there is a second chance. Breathe, relax, and push that restart button. Go on, return to that beautiful life you’ve got in the midst of your imperfections. You are perfectly imperfect.

In conclusion, a job is not really that secure. Look out for yourself, raise those bars high. Keep a reminder that you are worthy of a life you desire. There are a lot of success stories of people that started off sleeping in their cars and now billionaires. You can change your story. You have the power and choice to change your story.



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