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“Tears shed for another person are not a sign of weakness. They are a sign of a pure heart.”  ~José N. Harris

This piece is to exemplify the stages of grief. The key to creating a tone that soothes the audience is not determined by how well you hide grief, but how you deliver your story.


Grandma shut her eyes almost two years ago. You would have imagined that I was filled with tears after hearing the news. But I swept into this denial. I kept on telling myself that I was strong, thick-skinned, too tough to have a meltdown. I carried on with the rest of the day. My close friends kept on sending texts of hope and support. Tell me how to support a friend that just lost a loved one. It’s not like money that you can earn again. Time dissipates, and you begin to realise that you will not be able to feel the person’s touch, nor celebrate with them, nor create new memories.

I remember sitting on my desk in my room. My attempt to complete my assignments. I heard a sharp cry from beneath the stairway. My mother was clearly in grief. And then these words became repeated in my thoughts: “Grandma is gone.”

After those phrases, I slowly felt warm crystals kissing my cheeks. I began to sob. I stopped doing school work and stared out into blank space. I sat in my own world trying to make meaning out of what had happened. I held myself. I was in shock. Only I could comfort myself. I stayed in my room till I had managed to control the flow of the river.

This beautiful soul that I cherish has now become nothing more than memories.


Appreciate your loved ones! Create time to spend with them. Tomorrow is not promised.



Does this resonate with you?

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