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“Happiness [is] only real when shared” ~ Jon Krakauer

Happy family day celebration! To my fellow Canadians and viewers around the world, it is a time designated to remember and spend time with the people in our lives. This piece is dedicated to my family and all my supporters.


I sit before a table. Half woman-Half girl. As I consider and contemplate this thing called life. At every stage, I am required to change, to tweak something about myself. So that I grow and learn. I am surrounded by souls that speak life to my words. And shower me with blessing. To enjoy a feast. Though I might spit out bones on occasions, I hope that they will not choke me, nor open up wounds. Often my throat gets sore from grief, my lips gets dry from speaking. I try to tailor my words for people to understand my intentions and also to accept my failure. I am triggered by my definition of life, I have helped people, I have fallen, and I have also created a stream of oceans with my tears. As I look around to identify the faces around me, my only prayer is for you to build me and so that I can also lift you up during difficult times.

I sit before a table. Half woman-Half girl. To write the tales of my life.



Does this resonate with you?

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