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“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ~ Lao Tzu

Happy Valentine’s day to all those that have shown me support! And also to people that are in my life. Valentine’s day should not be a day to feel sad if you’re single, or the only day to show love to your significant other. It is a day to pause, be present and appreciate those that have walked in… and out of your life. Because I am a believer that people serve a purpose. Some are there to change you and others are there to teach you to be true to yourself. Also, life is a cycle of gaining friendship, losing bonds and rebuilding relationships.

I always used the analogy of a flower to represent a relationship/friendship. When you notice a beautiful flower growing in your back yard, you want it to flourish. So you water it and make sure that it has the nutrients required to maintain its beauty. But if you decide to pluck it, the flower will die because it is no longer part of the root. This is the mindset of individuals that like having possessions. You don’t own a person or a relationship. The only thing you can do is water it and nurture the relationship. If it dies, appreciate the time you enjoyed the beauty, and move on. And for those relationships that stay, use them as a mirror to reflect your flaws; places that you need to work on. This goes hand in hand with personal development. Sometimes you grow better because you have other individuals that are present and transparent.


Last weekend I visited Edmonton, Alberta. A city in Canada. One of the scenery I was attracted to was viewing the Ice Castle in Hawrelark park.  I enjoyed the artistic display of sculptures. It may feel a bit colder because you need a certain temperature to preserve the ice. I will be sharing the pictures below. It is a great place to go with family, friends, significant other, or just a group trip. Take pictures and let your eyes soak in the beauty!




Does this resonate with you?

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