Tips on Growing Your Income

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“Money is energy. It is a tool that will give you more of what you already have.” ~ Ralph Smart

People around the world are in difficult times, with the low price of oil. A lot of layoffs and job shortages have been experienced in the economy. I may not be representing the status of your country, but this is the general trend for markets in North America. The inspiration for this list is a youtube sensation, infinite waters. He turned a basement hobby into a multimillionaire income.
Remember you are “building” that source of income. So it takes a long-term commitment to personal development and learning. Also, do connect and network with like-minded people. Those that will inspire you and support you.


1. Money is energy

The question you have to ask yourself is what are you planting? What are your investments? You have to put in money or time to reap benefits in the long run. What you put in is what you get out.

2. Law of exchange

You have to provide a service. People are paid for creating solutions to a problem. So ask these questions: “How can I provide something that people actually want? How can I provide a better service? How can I serve people? How can I impact people?” You have to provide a service of VALUE for other people. The money will be the by-product.

3. Be smart and alert with your spending / Health is wealth

Create a habit of saving money. An example will be buying your groceries in bulk. This creates a mindset of putting value in your money and forming cost effective habits of shopping. Invest in your food, for food is your medicine. Your body is your vehicle, you want to take proper care of it.

4. Money is neutral

It is common for people to grow in environments where money is viewed as bad. Or the desire of earning more money was portrayed as greed. Inflation on prices is experienced every year, it is natural and logical to increase your income because of the rising cost of living, or to help achieve your personal goals. Money is energy, that’s why it’s called a currency. Your attitude towards money should be neutral. Send out positivity when you talk about money. Money is your servant, use it.

5.  Emotional bank balance

It is important to recognise that money can govern your emotions. You can get a spur of excitement by purchasing a car, or house, or clothes. But, learn how to manage money without it affecting your emotions. Cultivate internal happiness and discover what is truly important in your life. Perhaps, it is your passion or spending time with loved ones.

6. Stand out and increase your risk level

   Income is determined by your risk level. Embrace what makes you unique and stand out. Increase your risk level. Do something outside of the nine-to-five lifestyle. Embark on that crazy idea. 

7. Don’t laugh at any idea

   There is no idea worth trying. Ideas are like seeds, they will grow. However, ideas are nothing without execution. Plan to act on them.

8. Stay on top of trends

   See what is trending and find which of them works for you. You can create the next new idea or app. You can form your own trend. 

9.  Work smart

   We have been conditioned that hard work pays off. You must sweat to reap benefits. Instead, focus on working smart. That is 20% effort and 80% result. Be productive, not busy. Always customise your work; success is determined by your signature. 

10. Overcome fear

   Don’t let fear lead your life. Stop fear from controlling your life. Are you afraid of sharing your creation with the world? You have to take that leap and give a 100%. 

Remember to create the life you desire.


Does this resonate with you?

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