Mirage of Freedom

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“Judging is preventing us from understanding a new truth. Free yourself from the rules of old judgments and create the space for new understanding.” ~ Steve Maraboli 

This excerpt is a response to the true story of a call girl/escort. The initial portrayal of her life is glamorous, quick money, easy work. However, time took the toll on her and she noticed that she had to be dependent on other substances to work. She also let go of any sentiments or feelings, where she traded her body for money. Regardless of the risk. She soon saw herself wanting an exit from this stage of life. She wanted an actual relationship, and get out of the routine of spend half her day in the shower. It is always good to hear someone out before you judge them. You’ll never know if they cry for help in silence.


I already call her names. I’ve grouped her into this light where she will never amount to anything. But I barely know that woman standing three metres away from me. She claims to be a victim of her circumstances. She never seems to get tiresome of the same stories she shares. How many men she encountered. How she felt wanted, loved, and admired. But beneath the words remains a girl; a girl that has been running away from home into arms of strangers. A girl that sold her body for the pursuit of independence. A girl that tie bonds with substance to sedate her emotions. She didn’t want to feel sorry for herself. So she wakes up every day, living half of her day in between showers and perfumes. Lost bodies holding moisture. An endless exchange of breath. Strangers lie against another as close friends. And she repeats this process again.

The world chooses to call you whore. Spit on you. But I wish to help you clean the dust. I wish to remind you that every being holds a purpose. And I know you depend on these hands to feed you. But this stage is temporary. You deserve a greater purpose.


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