Is it just me?

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Imran Abbas is a Pakistani actor. You can search him up later. Have to read the rest of the blog and see why I put him there.

Had a rough week. Been coughing and sneezing through my day. I left the house only when I had to. And that was my commute to work. Outside of that routine, the rest of my time was spent sleeping and staring blank. I had nights where I was unable to sleep, because of unbearable pain felt in my throat, headaches, nasal congestion, and the list goes on. But I am better now. I am feeling stronger and better now. I am able to manoeuvre and get to some work. I will be gearing up soon and unleash various ideas. I am working towards introducing interviews, story series, guest contributors, and more.

I had my down time. But don’t be weary, Kihek is polishing the swords. Just going to leave a point of discussion.


What crazy things have you done in your dreams, that you can never do in real life or feel a bit ashamed of sharing with people?

Let me share with you what happened last year. A really toned guy, brown skin and yaas he was delicious. He came up to me and I remembered he started off by kissing me on the cheeks…. the rest is history. I’ve also spoken perfect Spanish in my dream too.

Will be watching for those comments!


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