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“Shame is a soul eating emotion.” ~ C.G. Jung

This excerpt stems from the discussions on how sometimes we fall into this habit of comparison. Sometimes life gives us obstacles and we tend to look outwards for resolution. We see people’s happiness as ‘having it all together’. Like when you are transitioning into a new phase of life or new position, or perhaps looking for opportunities to work. And you ask the question, “why not me?” “Who am I?”. You feel an anxiety when someone asks you to tell them about yourself. Shame is part of life, but rather than looking down on yourself, learn to focus on what is working and live life with gratitude.


Shame is empty

Shame is heavy

Shame is weak

Shane creates clouds beyond my vision


Shame has mouth

That swallows me

And chew me up in its belly


Shame transforms my shape

And makes me small

Shred me into tiny pieces


Shame has a song

A voice that rings like a bell

Every time I try to heal


Shame mocks my dirty hands

Bent back to work

In hope for growth through the sweat


Shame holds me back

As I try to see

Beyond my circumstance


Shame has nails

That act as claws

And hinge my every movement


Shame has a soft voice


That fill me with lies and deceit


Shame takes over

And try to control

The will power to believe


Oh take your hold away

For I am tired of weeping

I am weary


For discomfort covers me

As clothing wrapped around me

And lock my ability to move



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