Pour into me

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“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself” ~ George Orwell

This excerpt exemplifies the theme of a narrative as ‘baskets of words’. Words are portrayed as a substance that carries secrets, past, and the present. A person is seen as a product of words. The word choice in this excerpt is mythopoeic. According to dictionary.com, it is defined as an adjective that is associated with subjects that are related to myths. This will be represented as events in the story.


Look at Sandra. A tall lady with curly hair. Large eyes that bring light to your world. See how she carries herself like she has her life together. And her smile…shall I say more? The line that runs from cheek to cheek glitters even in the dark. Her body always moving with rhythm.

But those white teeth are mythopoeic. Behind the curtains, you can see how much time it takes for her to create a persona and deliver to the world. Will you be surprised if I tell you that last month she moved back with her parents after living with an abusive partner? His name was Kevin, he was known for his tight muscles that were strong as steel. His athletic body always seduced Sandra to thirst for more. After all the emotional trauma, Sandra will return with her knees kissing the floor, taking all the blame. Will you be surprised if I tell you three months into such relationship, she took on drugs and sleeping pills, to sedate her pain? She carried the burden because she felt love would change him. She often heard voices that reminded her to be quiet; to hold in her tears. I could only feel pity because she was stubborn. I wished not to tamper with her life.

But why did she leave? What pushed her to the wall? She departed after Kevin shoved her down the stairs. This was during her third trimester, making her lose the baby. And after that occasion, Kevin blamed her for the death of their child. He said her womb was ‘fragile’. I am not sharing Sandra’s story to mock her for not having a perfect life, but to recognize the woman as a victor of her past.



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