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“Strength and growth come only through continuous struggle and effort” ~ Napoleon Hill

For the next couple days, I will be responding to a commentary, or shall I say exercise. It goes like this: I will be given a cue and after that, I will be left with a challenge to create a piece surrounding that theme. All of it will be a response to the life experience of people that are either close to me or shared their stories. I will not be revealing any names. Also, the details I will be sharing will be my interpretation of their events. Enjoy!

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My friend traveled with a group of people to meet other internationals in the same organization. This is an opportunity to build leadership skills and rich self- concept. I am already seeing overall growth.


She was well knitted in her clothes as she assured the rest of us to embark on a journey far away. French in the air, sprinkled by people of diversity. She hoped that the wind would be welcoming, the wind will brush her skin. The light touch will guide her to sceneries, perhaps a huge castle, or a mountain in the background. Her luggage is kept to her side as she weighs her dreams and opportunities. Her hair waves arms around her neck to hide the stamps. The meaningless relationships and the promises that were kept in vain. She hopes for love, for her body has been offered to hungry wolves, and devoured countless times. She hopes for affections, that the man would worship her as a temple and embrace her worth. She hopes for success in all her ventures, that she would give value for talents. She hopes that she can exchange peace with her worries of the unpredictable future. As she walks through the gates, to board the plane, she believes that God has painted a second chance.



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