Election Night – The world is in awe

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“The political process does not end on Election Day. Young people need to stay involved in the process by continuing to pay attention to the conversation and holding their leaders accountable for the decisions they make.” ~ Patrick Murphy

The whole world is in shock as the president-elect is Donald Trump. Like, come on. A businessman has been able to claim another title. I might be a little bias, but this is my analysis. If you want a CEO of a company, won’t you want someone that has experience in managing resources for similar companies? But someone that has no experience in politics can get a seat as president. The value of the seat has dropped by 50%. You want a guy that never had to hustle in his life to be sympathetic to a blue collar individual. So now the people ruling the United States will be a businessman and a model. A round of applaud for your new commander-in-chief.


And the fact that people are still mentioning Bill Clinton’s past is like blaming the woman. Why judge her for staying back to fix the marriage? And people comment of the wars that have been in existence, please I’ll let you know that the terrorists are Americans. It is an inside job. Cultivating on fear and weak-minded people.

Let’s be real. If Hillary was a man, and Donald Trump was from a different race, the results will be different. Trump is a symbol of hatred. Everything he stands for. He talks ill about immigrants, women, abortion, LGBTQ, and Muslims. I don’t see him as a person acting from a place of compassion. I feel he marginalizes minorities group and capitalizes on them.

The frustration is not because it is Trump, it is the fact of what people accept as ‘normal’. If he is supposed to lead by example, what lessons will be taught? If you look at his supporters they are usually against the possibility of seeing a woman as a leader, or blaming Muslims for their problems, dislike the contribution of immigrants, conservative group that don’t believe that a woman should have a choice on what she wants to do with her body, do not accept the lifestyle of the LGBTQ, or some internalized racist belief. He is fond of grouping people together and pointing out “the others”.

I know immigration is an issue. But the problem should not only come from the individuals but also be looking at company’s policy to make sure they follow the laws. The gateway to international trade has fed the greedy corporations with cheap labor. And most of the work is mundane, the illegals are paid less and work a lot more hours than the citizens.

In summary, this is a loss for people that voted for the latter candidate. But remember who you are. Remember what you stand for. And treat your neighbor with compassion and love. I do not wish for any individual to live in fear, for everyone has a right to happiness. You might have to work a little harder but do fight for what you believe in.


I am doing my best to dig dip and find positivity. Maybe this is a wake-up call. People will begin to question the political institution. People will question why we need leaders, or what they stand for. There is always an invisible hand that creates an illusion of choice. Perhaps there will be more pressure on people to look outside of the two main political groups and seek alternative options. The election was biased on choosing between only two candidates where there existed other third parties. Also, people have to do research on the Electoral College and party system and if the votes actually represent the population

Life will continue, look out for your interest. Don’t get distracted on your purpose and don’t live in fear. No, I don’t believe the world is going to end. But this is surely an awakening.

It’s like the saying. You grow outside of your comfort zone. A lot of people’s consciousness are definitely expanding because of this. I hope lessons are learned. I hope the rest of the world take notes. The power still lies with the people. If you want to change, demand it. And remember, to change your world, you have to start with the person in the mirror.



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