Heart Felt

“I wonder if this is how people always get close. They heal each other’s wounds; they repair the broken skin.” ~ Lauren Oliver


This piece is dImage result for thank you for loving meedicated to people that have this fear of not being enough. Just a little background; sometimes, in a relationship, you get awed by how someone adores you or admires you. And you place this significant other on a pedestal, almost worshiping them. Unconsciously, you place them on a level higher than you, and then, your doubts and fears mix up this lie that you don’t deserve to be with them. Honey, you are in a loving relationship, so cherish every moment, and let that energy of gratitude expand. And remember, you are worthy of a relationship where you get affection, care, attention, transparency, and the list goes on. A place where you don’t feel anxiety; you let your guards down and see the strength of being vulnerable.


Have you ever given love that

You wanted to cry?

Your face melting in the thoughts

Of they that have rooted emotions

Within you


Cultivating this image

Of your heart pulling you down

Weight of gravity

Leaping over

Bent forward

As your knees get heavy


A cry from heaven

Because of your lost hope

An angel slowly changing you

Carving out this individual

You hardly recognize

Seeing beneath this vision

Of your evolution


Have you ever been loved

That you question

What do you see in me?


Why do you do such things?

Holding me tight

Arms grasped around your scars

As I aid your healing with my care

Compassion cleansing the soul


But don’t be too fast to say

Or too quick to conclude

That you love me

Because I may fear

That I may not give back

That which you truly deserve



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