Did I say 10?

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“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be only afraid of standing still” ~ Chinese Proverb

Today I will be celebrating my first 10 followers!! And you’re like, that’s just 10. Yah, but I am a believer of small beginnings. This blog is a birth of my ideas, passion, and the conversations that I find appealing. I am also looking forward to connecting with beautiful souls like you! So my gift to the viewers will be a short story that I will break up into several pieces. This way reading will be made easier.  I will be sharing fragments in the next couple days. So sit back and enjoy. Would also like to hear your thoughts.


This was one of my first short stories, I find it interesting because it is a mix of my background and numerous dialogues. So maybe you might relate, or maybe you’ll just get interested in exploring another culture.


Far From Grace

It is 9:00 am, five hours to my citizenship oath; five hours to my Canadian nationality. This extraordinary journey has been hurtful, and yet, fulfilling. Over time, I learned to accept that pain creates alternate routes in life. I practiced the habit of reflecting on past errors as lessons in life, disguised blessing; situations that relinquish agony, but at the same time, beneficial. The beauty of the weather plays out well; the birds chirping, and soft breeze rushing in through the window. Brushing my hair in front of the mirror brings back memories of Aunt Angela; her beautiful braided her and the meaningless conversations we shared.

Though I met Aunt Angela once, at fifteen years, she played a significant role in my life. She worked diligently with her small clothing store; now she has a clothing line.  My first encounter was on one of many visits to Lagos, Nigeria; a country located in West Africa.

Tourism in Africa is neither common nor encouraged. The media continually misrepresents Africa as an impoverished continent.  The commercials charitable organizations feeding hungry children, or, news update that broadcast conflicts and instability in governments. However, I am not implying that donations are not necessarily in Africa, or the governments in Africa address all the needs of the civilians. I agree Africa has flaws. On the contrary, it should be known that Africa is progressing daily; maybe on a slow pace, but, there are improvements. Unfortunately, that point of view is hardly reflected on the news.

I enjoyed the vibrant African culture and the pleasant sounds of children playing outdoors. Their theme to a happy life was the possession of a positive attitude; being grateful for the little things in life. Aunt Angela always said this quote. It was as if she was able to read my thoughts, able to see my failure; indirectly warning me of my naïve and selfish personality.




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