Taunt me once

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“We live in a world where unfortunately the distinction between true and false appears to become increasingly blurred by manipulation of facts, by exploitation of uncritical minds, and by the pollution of the language.” ~ Arne Tiselius

Some days, you look beyond the smiles, your naive nature, and see people as they are – without judgment nor expectation. And as you look closer, and review the trends in your life, you tend to see manipulation stirring your wheels toward a life that seems out of control. Be cautious of that word ‘friend’. Not to spread negativity, but just be aware of those that are with your for their own selfish needs. Every experience has a lesson, of where you should put your trust, and other circumstances, refrain from association.


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I sat there on his laps

As he fed me with lies

He cleaned the sides of my mouth

He watered me down

To nourish me with his words


I digested it

I grew big and full

I trusted the dust in my belly

I trusted the stones that left me



I never questioned

Why I grew cold

Why I inhaled this same air

That collapsed in my lungs


As my belly began to swell

I felt pains in my spine

His hands patted down my back

Giving me support


To hold on to his words

To lick his fingers dry

To eat the poison

To embody his truth


And now sorrows have plunged

Deep within this frail skin

Making a victim

Out of something I could control


A friend

That carved a puppet

As I mimicked his desires

And birth them


Has he not drunk enough?

I am now low in energy

Suffocated by his will

An endless pursuit of his hunger


As I now carry what is left

After all these years

With my soul dented with agony

Depart from me

And let me discover peace once more



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