“Scars has the strange power to remind us that the past is real” ~ Comarc McCarthy


There is something so sweet about sorrow
Initially, you feel a build up of emotions

Then at the peak of these emotions, you feel a head rush of images,
You feel that pressure to release
To pour out
A type of liberation
From holding down
From the feelings that you have to be perfectly sane
Sorrow washes away those frustrations
Because you know that you are not always fine
Because you see that there is nothing wrong in reaching out
To ask for help
To see yourself at nothing less than being true to who you are at every moment

And at the end,
Our faces turn red
Our eyes stained with salted pearls
The water drawn up from our soul now cleanses the state of the body
The pain feels lighter
The pain feels temporary
Our state has changed
We are now looking forward

There is something so intimate about sorrow
That we keep it among ourselves
There is a saying that you never know a person till you see them in pain
See them in the most debilitating form of weakness
See them behind the smiles that are reflected daily
The unknown shadow left unseen is now laid out in front of us

There is something so personal about sorrow
We transform into a being
We break down all these bonds
And we see that we are all human

Often the way we weep shows the kind of person we are
Others hold it in, such emotions should never be shown
Others roll in the dirt, screaming for a listening ear
“I am in pain!” “Is there anyone out there who cares about my pain?!”
The sobs
The wails
The grief that ties us so deeply

There’s something sour about sorrow
That we pray we never experience it
Because we often can’t hold it in
Our faces mold to dust
Our emotions fade in the dark
We grow empty
We feel as if life is in vain
We try to fill that void, usually with something that hurts more than it heals

But sorrow is inevitable
From the mouth of the child at birth
To the father that had just found out he has to plan a funeral
To the lost relationships
To the unexpected endings

It’s not sorrow itself
It is how we interpret it
Let us express it and honor it
Let us not hide from it
But let this pain be a lesson
Let this pain guide us to be better
Let this pain remind us of who we truly are

Sorrow with its uncertain scheme
It often can be frightful
But let this not woo us away from living life
Afraid of causing pain
But rather to embrace that life itself is uncertain
We are sure of only now
To live life
To see sorrow as a teacher
And let this pain transform us

There’s something so sweet about sorrow
On how it transforms mankind



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