“What happens when people open their hearts?” … “They get better” ~ Haruki Murakami

Sometimes we pretend to be perfect to fit this identity that there is nothing wrong, that “I am fine”.


Don’t be fooled
By the smile across my cheeks
By my eyes shining like the sun
Glaring towards scenery

Don’t be fooled
By my play of words
By my courteous urge
By my pleasant words

For deep down
I feel lost

Like life has left me on my own
To fend longer
To battle in despair
To peel away my sorrows

Revelations slowly appearing
I ask myself today
Why am I here?
What purpose in my actions?

Why do I feel
Without direction
Without my North Star

Is anyone listening?
Don’t be fooled by how clever
I choose my word

For deep within me
Is a fire
Waiting to melt in the dark.



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