Missing You

“I am unconsciously trying to fill what is missing; pieces of my soul that I never noticed was gone” ~ Kihek

Dear soulmate, all I have are memories – a fog of despair

I craved him
Like the sweet smell of cinnamon
How our skin grazed one another
Our fingers tangled in space

The brown eyes that stared back
Lost in his embodiment
Hair stretched out of his scalp
Bent over, scattered in the wind

The thought of his smile
His warm arms around me
Giving me the goosebumps of delight

I miss him because of the way we parted
The goodbye came too sudden
Unforeseen by our childish love
We didn’t recognize that this too was impossible

The roots of the relationship were deep
We cultivated harmony
Able to withstand the storm of life
But we failed to recognize

That the ocean has separated us
We part away like the Red Sea
We crossed paths once
To learn about ourselves

To teach us what love is
How to give love
And as I long for you
I pray this lesson will carry me through

To the next resonance
To the next reflection of myself
That love begins from within.



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