Photo Credit: Motoki Tonn

Silently they watched
They saw how everything unfolded
Like petals of flowers
Dancing to the wind
Bent by pressure

Silently they thought
Their minds stirred up
A concussion of weapons
Ready to launch
Ready to fire

Silently they wept
Because those chains
Couldn’t hold you down
Couldn’t chip away
Your essence

Silently they fussed
At every contemplation
Of what being a hunter meant
Of letting go of the grip
Of holding on to nothingness


Its funny
How your trust
Can be placed
In a basket with holes

As you look at
How much you pour
Into others
Get wasted

Know your worth
Enough to stop watering dead plants
And allow life to reckon
That it is powerful to give and receive

That we can receive from places with a bountiful harvest

Hi, I’m Kimberly Ihekwoaba and I am a multimedia storyteller. I entertain, educate, and empower people around the world through the power of storytelling. Check out my blog for my latest posts.

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