Set Better Goals in 2021

My goal for 2021 is…

I opened my journal. I looked at the blank pages in front of me.
I wanted to pour lists of my hopes for this year.
But I am also reminded of how 2020 threw an unexpected plot twist.

A pen rested in between my lips and I could taste the metallic fill at the tip.
I decided to cut down the list. So that I am opened to possibilities.

I didn’t have much to say.
I had a vision board sitting across my room.
Because that’s all I have chosen to hold on to… small steps and a big picture.
I have learned to surrender.
Not give up. But to allow things to unfold in its own timing.

My goal for 2021 is…

Enjoy the process and stay present
Be more compassionate to myself
Build quality relationships
Challenge myself
To fail faster
Invest in my health
Work less and earn more

What’s your goal for 2021?

Hi, I’m Kimberly Ihekwoaba and I am a multimedia storyteller. I entertain, educate, and empower people around the world through the power of storytelling. Check out my blog for my latest posts.

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