How to Network Without Being Pushy


Let’s face it, we have great ideas, products, and services that we have to promote. But, how can we meet people without sounding like one of those telemarketers that you’d hang up on? And for the sake of it, needy is creepy.

1. Don’t even bother about having a sales pitch

We come with a predisposed script on what we do, without even focusing on the other person you will be in contact with. We have a tendency to jab information into the other person without having a conversation. Have a DIALOGUE and focus on the needs of the other person. Perhaps you are not in the position to help the other individual, but you can leverage your network to add value to this individual. Scenario: you are a plumber and the individual needs help to develop his website. Oh, that’s true, Mike your neighbour does this for a living. You give this individual Mike’s contact information.

2. Say waa…

In order to sustain a conversation, you must ask questions. Use open-ended questions. Why, What, How, Where, When. Remember that people will never forget how you made them feel; so engage in a conversation that is worth cherishing. This will allow you to gain a foundation for follow-up and future conversations.

3. Hush for just a moment

You have two ears and a mouth for a reason. You must be aware and conscious of your conversation.  Don’t get caught up in what you are about to say. Instead, focus on the other individual. The best networkers are great at leaving their colleagues feeling valued and special. Take pauses in between dialogue. Listen to understand, and not to reply.

4. Create passion

If someone asks you what you do, this is the passage to share the purpose of your product and/or service. Your message should inspire people to take actions or at least consider getting more information on your company.  This is when you have specified your purpose of starting a business and how you are serving your community. When you talk about things you enjoy, it allows others to share what they are passionate about.

5. Follow-up

Exchange contact information and build a foundation. Remember that business is about relationships. It is ideal to follow-up within 48 hours of the exchange. You could also recall an important detail that was discussed. Networking is the ignition for conversation, it’s not where it ends.


Questions you could ask:

What are some common challenges within your industry?

How did you get inspired to begin this?

What do you like about your job?


Final words, like any skill, repetition makes you better at it. So shake more hands, the law of averages will work for you.


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