Do you need Passion to Succeed?

Photo Credit: Autumn Goodman

I believe there was a period in university where I was searching for the meaning of life and figuring out how I want to contribute. And at this same time, I stumbled on a youtube video talking about passion. How this is an antidote to all your problems. How you might need this colourful beaming light of hope in your daily ingredient to succeed. As I look back, I realize that I should have taken that idea with a grain of salt.

Passion is not something you find. It is something you create. And it is a by-product of working hard on something you care about and committed to. Yes, it is important to find something you will stick to in the long run because every career has its ups and downs. However, I don’t know about the whole passion thing. My mantra is to follow your curiosity – not shiny object syndrome. But sincere interest.

And if you are on your journey of still figuring things out, remember that you will gain clarity through actions. After trying new things, you will find where it is a good fit. So do not give up on your dreams, don’t give up on your idea of a happy life. But see it as a road always under construction. Have faith in your ability to grow and adapt.

With the new wave of technology, business operations are replacing some roles, and people are asked to build multiple skills. Often people take the option of diversifying their skillsets where some are for making money and others are for what they find engaging and fun. Own your hustle.

What is your experience on this topic? What role does passion play in your life?

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