Best Way to Learn Spanish

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I had a chance with other multilingual individuals to share tactics used in learning Spanish. This was based on personal experiences.

The cool thing is that I never had a plan to learn Spanish. Part of a requirement for my high school education was to take an elective class in modern language. It was either French or Spanish. Growing up, French felt like a mumble and it was quite challenging to grasp. I took my first class in Spanish, and I remember my teacher (props to inspiring me to continue); he mentioned that I picked up the language fast and I should never stop learning. So here I am years later, communicating professionally in Spanish. It not only open doors to experiences, but to a culture, to translating in between languages, and to exploring a world unknown to me.

So whether it be Spanish or another language, give yourself time to learn. Give yourself permission to suck at it, to fail, and fail yet again. But through all those mistakes, there are lessons that will shape you to be better communicators in the language. Take baby steps. Start with spending 15 mins in a day, then 30 mins, etc. Seek growth and not perfection. Develop the discipline to do what it takes to learn a language.


As a beginner, the best way is to learn from someone that has more experience than you

This is important to build foundational skills and get constructive feedback. Learning through resources by yourself creates a possibility of learning the wrong pronunciation and habits.

Secondly, develop a habit of practicing daily

This includes learning new vocabulary and grammar. Repetition allows you to grow your vocabulary.

Lastly, take on the courage to use what you learn

This means practicing with a native speaker – other students that are learning, or taking on challenges that allow you to grow in the language.



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