Storytellers: Content Marketing vs. Publication


In the age of social media and marketing, there is a pressure to be birthing content on a regular basis. And the word, “consistency” has been repeated time over and over again. But if your profession is a writer, what should be saved for free, and what should be created as a finished product for a targeted marketplace?

Only you can make that choice. But here are some factors you should consider.

What is the purpose of the content?

Was this a journal entry that started a rant and turned into maybe something you could edit and share it with your audience? Or have you outlined a story structure, beginning, middle, end; asked your colleagues to help edit your work after endless hours to complete?

Do you want to challenge yourself by submitting to a journal and see if you can sell your story to editors of literary magazines and publications? Or do you want to judge, the quality of your work by likes and comments?

Is this work a representative of how you want to address yourself to the world, or was this just you testing the waters?

My advice to writers is to differentiate topic-based work as opposed to creative writing. Because it would be sad, if you post all these great stories online, but have no published work to represent a finished product. Publication means that you have achieved sales. As a storyteller sales is an exchange of value. We sell based on our belief in engagement, transformation, and transfer of emotions.



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