Calm My Storm (Part 5)


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You know you are paranoid when the only plausible explanation is a mistress living thirty miles away. You sit there with a glass of wine, disguising your bougie life, and putting on a face so that everyone gets satisfied with the same reply: “I’m good.”

Another day passed, and I couldn’t understand the disappearance of Frank. He mentioned over the phone of his plans to meet a few investors for his tech franchise. It’s been two weeks now and I have begun to worry.

I decided to call Judith for coffee. My mind was spinning out of proportion and I got irritated surrounded by walls with no one to talk to. I tossed my car keys in the pockets of my leather jacket. The knob of the front door was twisted to the left and I threw the door ajar. I stood on the front porch for a while, absorbing the rays of the sun before heading for my car. I got into the car and turned the key to start the engine. I heard a rustling vibration and suddenly, it came to a stop. What now? I got out and noticed smoke approaching the ceilings of the sky. Are you kidding me? My fingers searched for Laursy, a magician by trade. I cleared my throat to respond to the voice of a man.

“Hey Laursy, it’s Jeminah. Can you please come check out my car?”

“Currently with a client. I’ll come by in half an hour.” He sounded rushed.

Soon after I dropped the call, I heard a familiar ringtone. Judith’s face appeared on the screen of my phone.

“Jeminah, are we still meeting at the cafe?”

“Can’t do that. The car broke down.”

“I can give you a ride.”

“No, I have to wait for Laursy. I need the car fixed for work tomorrow We’ll plan for another time.”

“Alright, see you at the office. Oh ya… Are you still following the brothel story?”

“What about it?”

“New info. Police are looking for a van.”

“What does it look like?”

“Pictures are on their sites and all news media. Red, a bit rusty on one side of the front tire. I think it’s a Ford. There is also a reward for anyone that gives information”

“How much?”


“Oh snap. I’ll be keeping an eye.”

“Same here. If either of us finds the car, we’ll plan a vacation”

“Yessir. I have to go now, I can hear someone at the front door.”


Laursy’s shadow stood behind my door. I opened the door to a man with stains on his shirt. His fingernails carried dirt, his hair is guarded by a grey cap. His beard was coloured with red and white hairs.

“Hey, Jeminah.”

“How’s work coming by Laursy?”

“Steady. Could I get the keys please?”

I shuffled through my pockets and I placed the keys in his palm. He turned around and stood on the front steps for a while. His gaze travelled to the van Fred’s friend brought in a few weeks ago. It was as if it resurrected memories.

“What are you looking at?”

“Nice car. Do you mind if I take a picture? I was thinking of buying a new car and this fits my taste.”

“Go ahead.”

I walked around the car as I was given a tour of what needed to be fixed. The day swept under my feet waiting for Laursy to complete his trips and get new parts. I got an invoice at the end of his service and paid through an app on my phone.

Three hours later, I heard the doorbell ring. Alas, it would be Fred returning home. I stood up from my couch and ran to open the door. I flung the door open, but it was not Fred. I didn’t recognize the faces. They showed their badges and flipped open a piece of paper.

“Good morning ma’am, we have a search warrant.”

“Why? For what?”

“Based on the report of manslaughter that occurred two weeks ago in the brothel.”

“And what does have to do with me?”

“The van you have on your premises matches the description in the surveillance video.”

“It’s not mine. My boyfriend parked it there. He’ll be back soon.”

“Where are the keys?”

“Hold on, I’ll get them.” I reached for the hook by the cloakroom and withdrew a key. “Here,” I shoved it into their hands.

I walked behind them as they looked around the vehicle. The back door was unlocked and empty. Everything felt normal, till one of the cops noticed a black sheet popped up on the right corner. He pulled it apart and there it was, bags of some sort of drugs stuffed in the walls of the van. My eyes were wide open, I couldn’t speak, and I felt heat waves run through my skin.

“How do you explain this?”

“I swear, I.. I.. I.. didn’t know about this.” I grabbed on to my nightgown, trying to fight the tears.

“Ma’am, you are under arrest for the possession of narcotics. Anything you say or do, will be used against you in the court of law. You have the rights to an attorney and one phone call.”

“Could I please change clothes?”

One of the cops noticed that I had begun to shiver and my eyes turned red. She followed me to my room. I got a pair of jeans and wore a hoodie. At least I could be warm behind the cells. As I walked out through the front doors I began to consider this could possibly be the last time I would be home

I turned my back and positioned my wrist to kiss themselves. I heard the sounds of metal as both arms got locked in chains. I bent to sit at the back of a sedan. I couldn’t fight, I didn’t fight, I just had grief. As the car drove off, the mansion I called home vanished in the rearview mirror. I looked back to consider how my life had changed in that instant.



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  1. I’m still learning from you, but I’m trying to reach my goals. I certainly love reading everything that is written on your blog.Keep the information coming. I enjoyed it!


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