The Art of Silencing the Voices in Your Head


What negative self-talk sounds like…

She’s here
I can hear her deliver tones
To cut through my veins
To feel unloved
To tamper with the dislocation
Of my everything

Her words unravel in my head
How dare you show your face!
Who are you to speak and be heard?
Trading spaces with spades
A hollow being
Dried in existence

Spilling blood
Beneath every dust
Recollect this mantra
Show yourself
Show yourself and try to deliver

How dare you think that
You can cut skin
And see blood

You are nothing
Only a face
Only a mask

Play the sounds
So my puppet can begin
To dance to the tunes
The feast has begun

Cold rhythm
Boiling water
Forsaken earth
How dare you
Think you can become
Beyond your situation

Your voice will not be remembered
Your prayers won’t reach the ceilings
Only you can define it
Only you can comprehend it

Make it stop
Make her stop
Maker her power sink
Make her voice no longer reign



Stop seeing yourself as broken or a hot mess. Stop seeing yourself through your circumstances and start seeing yourself through the possibilities of the future. Start seeing yourself as a work in progress; there is always room for growth.

Repeat after me_I am not my thoughtsI a



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