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Dedicated to treasured relationships abroad


I’m horrible with goodbyes

Ever since high school

Three grades in three different cities

Twenty names kept to my heart

Only to start again

As I silence the memories

Another year, another circle

“I’ll see you in a year”


A lot can happen

In 365 days

A lot can happen

To wipe away the thought

Of crossing paths again


We become separated

                                   By space and time


And all I can do is cherish

The moments I had

And shrink my regrets

Because I will realize that

I could have spent a little more time

To hone this relationship

When the calls become tiresome

When the distance become a burden

We will learn to move on

And look forward


All I can do

Is show gratitude

And be thankful

For seeing a face

For connecting

With people that can smile

In the midst of their challenges

And make me feel

A little better

Because they were here


Copyright ©2017 Kihek creations

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