Calgary Municipal Elections Coverage: Meet Faith Greaves Candidate for Ward 10

The race is on! The City of Calgary Municipal Elections is scheduled for October 16, 2017. Early birds have an option to cast their votes before elections. As residents of Calgary, it is important to vote leaders that reflect our values. Elect your councillor, school board trustee, and mayor this week. This is an opportunity for blog readers to meet the candidates behind the flyers, posters, and campaigns.

Faith Greaves is running for City Council in Ward 10. These communities include Coral Springs, Franklin, Horizon, Marlborough, Marlborough Park, Mayland Heights, Meridian, Temple, Monterey Park, Rundle, Sunridge, Pineridge, Vista Heights, and Whitehorn. Greaves found a home in Calgary and continues to work with the local community. She started Mozia Shows & Plays in 2012, a family-oriented theatrical production company built on the idea that art can be a tool for educating, creating union among families, and bridging racial and economic divides. Mozia Women’s Network Society was birthed few years later to support and empower Women and Youths in the community. This platform has open doors to enriching the lives of Calgarians and a support network that is accessible to everyone.

IMG_4192Q| What inspired you to run for City Council?

A|A colleague encouraged me to run due to my contributions in the community. Futhermore, there is a profound need for leadership – people who care about building other people and the communities that they live in, and want to make a difference. This involves being the eyes and ears for the community and wanting to uplift the people. Additionally, children need to have hope; they too can be leaders of their community for tomorrow. This requires a shared vision of building effective communities.

Q| What will be your first task upon taking a position in City Council?

A|Creating a supportive breakfast club program. The first step of eliminating poverty is through educating children on nutrition. Their morning should start off with a nutrituous breakfast, aiding the child to achieve their full potential. Hunger doesn’t allow a child to retain information nor support their performance in the community. Secondly, an eating disorder can lead to other issues later in life, such as bullying and detrimental health issues. The breakfast club is an incentive to empower children and eradicate poverty.

IMG_4197Q| What makes you the ideal candidate for the position? What experiences will you be bringing?

A| I am a humanitarian, an activist, and I care about people. Without people, there is no community. It is important to connect and relate with others. Greaves currently reside in a community that is rich in culture, diversity and ethnicity, but lacks in certain areas. Positive leadership will fill those gaps. An important trait as a councillor is selflessness and commitment to serving people.

I am grassroot. Greaves understands the situation of others since it is something she has lived through. Overcoming tragedies has left her with inspiration and courage. Her hunger for change stems from an understanding for catering to the needs of humanity and mankind. She also holds experiences working with communities and families, hence making her the ideal candidate for the position. She adheres to the concerns of people and take actions.

Q| State one interesting thing that people may not know about you

A| I love entertaining others at home. I really enjoy cooking. I am meticulous and industrious. It is one thing to be domesticated at home, it is another to find creativity at your fingertips.


Q| How can people get involved? How can they show their support?

A|Very simple, they can come out and door-knock. They can use social media, to spread the message to vote for Faith Greaves. Additionally, they can make donations towards the campaign. Lastly, there is power with word of mouth to share the good news of Faith Graves running for council and the impact she will be making within the community.


This conversation has been edited and condensed


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