Questions I Ask About Society

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“Even the models we see in magazines wish they could look like their own images.”
~ Cheri K. Erdman

This piece birthed out of the concept of the need to hold a discussion among ourselves. As a society, we often have a habit of hiding or plastering problems in hope for the problem to resolve itself. Education is not only restricted to a classroom. We learn about our world by conversations and sharing with each other.


Why do we go on with our daily routines?

Why is death a hollow topic?

Why are emotions not taught in school?

Why do we get more out of experiences rather than just school alone?

Why is there a cycle of wrong health choices and numerous medications?

Why do religious people think that suffering is a norm as a Christian, rather than just an experience of life?


Why are women viewed as lesser beings?

Why is marriage emphasised for girls?

Why do women have restrictions embedded in the laws of their country?

Why do people hate another based on an identity?

Why is diversity promoted and chaotic?

Why is racism still in existence?


Why will a lawyer train his whole life in school to change his career to become a teacher?

Why will a pharmacist stay put in a job that makes him unhappy?

Why is media often created for manipulation?


Why will a father kill his wife and child?

Why will a man pray on Sundays and become promiscuous on Fridays?

Why are lies acceptable?

Why are we afraid of commitment?

Why should life be lived in a ‘linear fashion’?

Why are we always in a rush?


Why does it feel like there is never time?

Why being active is not promoted?

Why is being sedative a luxury?

Why is happiness portrayed in youth but not associated in adulthood?

Why did I never learn about contrast or balance?



Does this resonate with you?

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3 thoughts on “Questions I Ask About Society

  1. So many questions…the one that hit hard for me was “Why are we afraid of commitment?” I can never answer this myself because I constantly ask myself the same thing. Great post!

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    1. Thanks makupsy!

      I feel that people are afraid of commitment because of their fear of uncertainty. We want to feel secured. We want to be sure that we are set for the future. We are afraid of mistakes. We are afraid of pain.

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