Crossed Eyed

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“Happiness is not the absence of problems; it’s the ability to deal with them.” ~ Steve Maraboli

This excerpt is dedicated to times where you feel overwhelmed because you don’t have all the answers to your challenges. Just a reminder to be persistent and press on.


If anger was a decision, I’ll ask it to uphold me. Because aggression can be a fuel to make me travel.Travel allows me to see my life from a context. No, I do not want to escape reality, only to realise that I have abandoned papers littered in the air. I have laid down to rest in a bed of quiet slumber. If whispers could reform and mould my desire for a voice, perhaps, I’ll speak lightly and kiss the ear of my audience for a longer time. I have fallen. I have failed. I have wounded up in places that I never imagined. My life seems like a corridor of scattered feets. An endless pursuit of the idea of happiness. Sometimes I pause and ask myself where my actions are leading. But uncertainty can paint cold images. Sacred creatures called to doubt your every move. So I sit with my pen lightly lifted above my story. I am an open book, but I am tired of the endless wondering. I have to believe in me and take me seriously.



Does this resonate with you?

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