Calm My Storm

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“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.” ~ Arthur Conan Doyle  

I will be starting a short story series. Follow the journey of mystery, passion and everything in between.


I had roses, I was a rose. I carried my petals. I let them fall to the ground. Effortlessly. I found myself sitting beside lowly waters, in the midst of a cry for help and a heavy heart. I saw the red flags, the universe sent me signals, that my hands would get dirty. And this man would flee.

Sunday morning, I woke up to a bang on the door. I opened slowly. Eyes still dazzling in slumber and my eyelids gave pearls of liquid to my cheek. As I slowly opened to recognise the image standing before me, I saw half man-half demon. Frank with a red drizzle, I thought he was hurt, but this man bestowed lies to me. Telling me tales of a fight in the bar and how a 6’4 ft man used the edge of a wine glass to decorate his face. I took him in, as the trustworthy partner I was. I showed him the way to my bathroom and watched him bathe evidence off his chest. Perfumes clung to his neck as he soaked in the water.

“I’ll spend the night here. Don’t worry everything will be sorted out by the morning. I’ll clean up and then we could cuddle for the night.” Frank said with his eyes staring at the gown I wore. It was as if he was plotting to devour me.

“Ok hun, I’ll see you in bed. Let me know if you need anything.” I said reluctantly

I reached out to press my warm lips on his forehead and closed the bathroom door as I departed.

Should I call the police? Maybe they can find the man that did this. I have to get ready for work and the last thing I wanted was exhaustion from another man’s problem. The sky holds bright pieces of hope and the moon takes its place in the centre. What a beautiful night. The contrast of my world.



Calm my storm part 2                                            Calm my storm part 5

Calm my storm part 3

Calm my storm part 4


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