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“Not all those who wander are lost.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

If you were probably wondering why my blog has been quiet for a few days. Yes, I am away for the holidays. Travelled to Mexico and the experiences that I attained, I will carry them forward. I have listed lessons that spoke to me.


  1. It is good to take a break

Take a pause from your daily routine and breathe. Relax. It is a great way to relieve and reduce stress. And when you travel, you get to encounter different worlds and cultures. Your perspective on life will change. Maybe it’s the how you have been looking or handling your situation. Maybe it’s about working on your relationship. I gained more gratitude about my life even in the midst of my challenges. After seeing people from places with a lower standard of living, still getting by and waking up every morning with appreciation, I look back at myself to ask, “What am I thankful for?”

  1. I need to brush off on my Spanish

I did my best to communicate, but I found myself fumbling through sentences. I need to practice more Spanish and follow a schedule and keep to that schedule. But I noticed that I was confident in my speech. I attempted to express myself in Spanish no matter what. I requested for assistance after my initial attempts. And sometimes in order to learn and grow, half of the work is based on belief. And since I could envision my growth, I followed suit in practising, studying, and participating.

  1. As a foreigner, it is important to look out for your interest.

Yes, couldn’t stress this more. Not saying that everyone is out to get you. But there are people that see foreigners as a bank outlet. So they capitalise on your uncertainty. Let me put it this way, Ignorance is expensive. My experience happened at a Fuji Film store in front of Palacio municipal in the city of Cancun, Mexico. A guy named Luis refused to give me the receipt of my purchase after I negotiated for a lower price. He claimed that his ‘jefe’ has to authorise the payment and I will need to return by 5 pm the same day. I wasn’t sure if these people think that I was an idiot. But I was worried about my safety and did my best to leave as soon as I could. So I had no other choice but to pay extra money to get my receipt so if you know friends travelling or living in that area, warn them about making any purchase from there.

  1. You are a participant. Not a victim.

After that horrible experience, I was in so much rage. I learnt to see myself as actively participating rather than a victim. I am still healthy. I am breathing. And that is all that matters. So I can carry this experience forward.

  1. Have an escape. But don’t run away from your life.

Yes, times can be tough. But you can’t be running away from conflict and unpleasant situations. And also you have to create a lifestyle that serves you. Don’t feel stuck in a job just to pay your bills and your entire life will be based on looking forward to holidays and weekends.

Now relax and feed in some of the beautiful sceneries. The world is blessed. We just have to see beyond the imperfections.



4 thoughts on “Travel Mexico

      1. I am so glad you liked it!
        Don’t hesitate to share it with friends or reblog it.
        Are you interested in other latin american countries too? Like Brazil for example?


  1. I will definite share it with anyone planning a trip to Mexico.
    As of now, I do not have any immediate plans on going to Latin American Countries. However I am open to such experiences.


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