Caved in

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“No man in this life should ever have to bear the burden of perfection.” ~ Criss Jami

This is an excerpt that tries to exemplify the theme of “tools of an artist”.  This theme discusses the essence of the writer’s role on creating details.


I saw a girl with bent shoulder, it almost seemed that her body was carrying this weight as her back added more curves. Her spine took in a spiral shape. The first thought was ‘pity’. Her hair lightly touched her back. As the wind blew to hit edges of her hair, folding into crisp colourful layers. Her hair was unkempt. fuzzy outlines straddled at her back. As I took my attention to her face, I saw softness; not weak. But vulnerable spaces written within her smiles. Fake lines are drawn from cheek to cheek. As her eyes looked up to stare at me, they reflected bright sorrow. Large eyes creating hollow shadows in my soul. Her lips had a tiny space. She tried to whisper subtle words to me. But she was only able to produce air. Maybe I was disturbing her peace. She didn’t want to bear the burden of keeping someone’s company.



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