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“Love is the most selfish of all the passions.” ~ Alexandre Dumas

It’s ok to be selfish.

There is nothing wrong with having desires as long as no one’s life is at risk at the expense of your ambition. And why do I say this? Well a few days ago, I was going through this spiral dismay of emotions. I was feeling so down, that I was scared or afraid that I may be depressed.

Rewind. How can a girl filled with so much life and joy consider that her state is depression? Because life gets tough sometimes. I know there are lessons to be learned. I know growth arises. But you get discouraged and your outlook on life sheds into gray colors. Yes, I can feel down because I get saddened by my circumstances to the point of tears. I had a breakdown because all I could think of was an escape. So I sat there and walked over there, killing time. Hoping to push back the feelings of hurt. And the mind has this domino effect that yields thoughts one after the other.

Let’s come bak to the topic. You can be selfish. In order for your goals to suffice, you need internal motivation. Yes, we all want to change lives, but there has to be a milestone or some sort of boundary that encourages such transformation. Like the athlete that looks at the first place medal as a motivation for waking up daily at 6.00am. And after the win, this athlete can create a charity or make donations for people that are less fortunate. Or even inspire a little child to dream big for the future.

And I have noticed this in career choices where I repeatedly tell the consultant at the student services, ” I want to help people.” But I reluctantly ignore myself. So I change my wording to say: “I want to inspire people” I want to attain transformations and experiences that create a positive impact in people’s lives. And great things. So to the people that want to help others, remember: You have to take care of yourself before someone else.

So go out there and live your passion. Just doing that is an act of worship.



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