Who is she?

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“Some people are sent to us as teachers, often hurtful and desert us, some are here to stay. Learn your lessons, and move on. And remember to show gratitude to those present in your life.” ~Kihek

This is an excerpt that tries to exemplify the theme of “soulful aspects of writing”.  This theme discusses the importance of deep personal emotions of the character and the writer’s role in abandoning self-consciousness.


The woman in this scene is sympathetic to her lover. For he has regrets and wishes of his past relationship. He claims that he loves her, but his emotions are directed towards reflecting on what he could have done to retain his past relationship. His habit of living in the past brings insecurities to the woman, that maybe he might not want to be with her. But rather, he could be settling for something less when his true love is out there somewhere . It’s crazy how we love people that hurt us, but forget the people that show love to us. It is always best to move on from the past so that you won’t make the mistake of losing what you have now.


I know where it hurts, for I’ve worn those same shoes. I know that your heart weeps. The past has wrapped its sheets around. Feeding you with images. Scenes that sing wishes to your soul. A deceptive tune that leaves you escaping from your present. From life with me. Am I not enough? Will I ever be enough? Can I feed you and give you love, but you draw curtains outside in hope of this woman? In hope for this body that you claim to have torn you. Growing bitter fruits, flowers quenching at its roots. Will I always compete for your attention? How can you give love to someone that killed you and created this empty vessel? And I took your wretched body, bathed it and filled it with abundant love. What are you looking for out there, can’t you see the beauty in me? Close your blinds and look me in the eyes. Show that you still want me.

Being in a relationship without substance. Your vision is blurred by your regrets and sorrows. What do you see when you think about the future with me? I am growing weary for each day, I am reminded that you might be settling for something less. And maybe when you finally look up to search for me, I will be departed. And I will become a memory, another thought of your past.



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