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“Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.” ~ Maya Angelou

This is an excerpt that tries to exemplify the theme of “soulful aspects of writing”.  This theme discusses the importance of deep personal emotions of the character and the writer’s role in abandoning self-consciousness. The woman in this scene is spiteful of her partner, but she is also bleeding to death. These are her last thoughts…


I am bleeding well into my death. The only bridge I am yet to cross is to discover the afterlife. Here in my hand is a sheet of paper, and this instrument to lay all my thoughts out. I am in pain, not only at my sides where this red substance pours out. But I also feel a heartache, strong enough to collapse my breath. I long for another chance, for someone to find me in these bushes, but if life decides to change the chapter, at least you’ll have my words. My infinite awe of you, my love. I have seen and watched how you caress and hold me. But I also see through your lies, the deceit that you have implanted in my mind. I have also kept secrets, not for my own selfish desires but as a statement for my lack of trust. I choose not to believe the words, after years of manipulation. I have held money from you. And I have kept it safe, you will not dare to look for it. For when you find it, it will be all gone. I have been a mistress or the last months and that yielded a son. I know he will be smart and great. I hope his looks will bring good fortune. At the age of 18, he will get the money, and I hope you will never meet him. I got sickened by the hotel rooms and decided to form one right in between my legs. As I opened up to this stranger, I cursed your soul. But here I am on this deathbed, and all I think of is you. Not because of love, but how I deeply spite our actions. I hope for anger and frustration will eat you in your last days. I hope you will have unrest. I have forgiven you so that my spirit can join my ancestors. For now, goodbye lover.



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