Speak up

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“Be Strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.” ~Misty Copeland

It’s ok to ask for help. What? Why is this important? Yes, it’s ok to seek for help, to ask for support, to have that feeling that whatever you are going through is not something for a one-man journey. It could be a business venture, where it requires a team of individuals working towards a common goal. It could be the need for moral support, to figure out your next steps, or to justify your emotions. It could be the conversations that enlighten you, the need to pay attention to your blind spot. It could just be the reminder that you are valued, that someone is willing to listen to you, without judgment. So I am not saying that you shouldn’t embark on being independent. I am saying that we socialize for a reason, we have the urge to communicate because it’s part of being human. Having those down times is what strengthens us, shows us who we are to people and where we stand on their priorities.

Don’t sit in silence

Reach out


Some people also experience burn-out because they are always used to helping others. Nothing is wrong with that. But also learn to say no, learn that you have to take care of yourself before someone else. Also, as much as you love giving, don’t feel guilty for taking. Don’t feel guilty for calling someone at 2a.m. hoping they’ll listen to your anxiety, fears, and doubts. And don’t restrain your emotions in hope to be perceived as strong. We are all going through challenges, just choose who you wish to share them with.


This piece is super-short if that’s a word. It’s just an emblem of a reminder that you are not alone.


Support me

In this place

Hold me

In this space


Clench your love

Let it wrap around my wounds

Healing is a process

Long for me to learn



In life’s chaos

Shackles holding

Freedom draining



Dressed in its ornaments

For beauty

Is a working progress



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