A Letter to Her

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“He wanted to be the center of my life, to serve and to trust. My spirit was taken aback as I came to realize that he was not my god.” ~ Kihek

This piece came out of conversations from the culture of women, or how women are generally viewed. I have seen women close to me shape their lives around a man. There is nothing wrong with that, but why does she sacrifice so much. And no, I don’t see any problem being a home keeper and the man taking on the traditional role of a provider. But I’ve always wondered if my aunties wanted more than just starting a family, but felt that this next step in their life was something they ought to do. The truth is that the woman has to equally live a life of purpose and happiness in the family. Because if there is that feeling of lack, it will show. There is nothing wrong with having desires outside of family as a woman, and no, you are not “over-ambitious” if you choose to do. So go out there and be the best version of yourself.


 Dear Babygirl,

Don’t be weary, things in life can be uncertain. But hold on tight. You might not get all the support you need, from those you admire or love. Your friends will grow to be temporary, one leaving after the other. You might even find enemies lurking in the scene.

Dear child, I hope you keep a soft heart, even in hard times I hope you remain true to yourself, as life might leave you deserted. I hope you remain strong, grow a thick skin and keep on fighting for what you truly deserve. Wear your armor of faith and fight through it. For every challenge birth lessons. Protect your dreams as your baby, because no one will understand the fire that burns within. Be vigilant of those that speak words in your ears, because words can be as strong as a dagger and pierce your soul. They may leave you weak and with the burden of discouragement. And also I pray you’ll find a man if you wish when the time is right. That will uphold you in every way. And see your dreams and ambitions as important as his. But while the time is on your side, draw your sleeves back and begin your work. Because when you are happy, you have made peace with yourself.



Your Angel.



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