Relationship Selling 101


Selling is about building trust and relationships. In order to be extraordinary as a salesperson, you need to understand people and customer behaviours.

1. Actively listen

There is a saying that if you want to make friends faster, practice curiosity and ask a lot of questions. This is a better approach than talking, talking, blah blah blah, no one cares.

2. “How can I help?”

Picture walking into a retail store and there is a lady standing at the front of the door cheerfully greeting people that walk in. What is she expected to say after making eye contact and the first hello: “how can I help you?” Each time you come in contact with a person, you are paying attention to see if there are any needs you can cater to. Build relationships with the intention to serve and not what you can get. Don’t around like a hawk, looking for the next person to devour. Remember: needy is creepy.

3. Be human

Perhaps is the long hours behind a screen, the fact that we need an event to socialize, or the pressure of being perfect, that makes it a challenge to talk to strangers. People connect to you faster with authenticity. No one is perfect, we are all imperfect creations serving God’s imperfect people. In addition to that, focus on collecting friends, how can you share emotional experiences with another individual?

Examples include: giving thank you cards, birthday cards, information, connecting people that don’t know each other, and the list goes on.

4. Give referrals

Always give before asking. It could be a referral for a client, business opportunity, or a job.

5. Practice Networking

Whether you are an introvert, you feel clumsy, or you feel weird talking to a total stranger, that is alright. Fear is going to occur because we are moving to the unknown. But that should not hinder you from taking action. A tip on starting a conversation is to say “Hello”. And if the person responds or not, that doesn’t matter, the upside is that you found the courage to speak.

6. First Impression is everything

You cannot control what other people think of you. But you can control how you want to present yourself to the world. So dress for success. Have open body languages like leaning in, avoid crossing legs and hands. Enter into the conversations with groups of people and invite others to join.

7. Learn from your failure and mistakes

Don’t beat up yourself when you don’t get your desired result. Focus on improving and learning from your mistakes. Remember failure is not final, it is only feedback.


What other tips have helped you in selling? Comment below!


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