I’m Still Here

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“When you’re in REM stage of sleep, your brain is very active. You’re dreaming your most during that stage, you’re mind, your eyes are moving, there’s a lot going on. It’s like fireworks going on in your brain.” ~ Shelby Harris (rephrased)

F– False

E– Evidence

A– Appearing

R – Real

This piece is an interpretation of sleep paralysis. It is defined as a temporary state where your body is conscious but you are unable to move. Furthermore, it usually occurs in-between stages of wakefulness and sleeping. This experience is most common to me right before waking up.


He held my hand as I tried to walk away. My mind was restless, but my body was stagnant. Rage drew lines around his eyes. The colour in his eyes imprinted fear on my heart. I became still and frustrated. Anxiety was my response. My lips tingled as my teeth clenched soft tissues.

In the second scene, I was in a space that held a bed at its centre. I laid on my back as my body became stiff. My muscles carried weight on the mattress. The same man appeared like a spirit and mounted on my bed. He was on top of me. His arms were too strong. His power proved that I was weak. I couldn’t fight him off. I couldn’t make any noise. I struggled and sounded with wimps. I slipped prayers beneath my breath. I prayed for strength. I prayed that this entity would disappear. His strength out-shined mine as he grasped both of my wrists in one hand. After succeeding to keep me in place, he slapped me on my right cheek. My face turned left as I laid in shock. My cheeks grew darker; my skin soon resembled ashes. I tried to breathe in my helpless state. The air in my lungs pushed my chest upwards. Inhale. Exhale. I woke up.


Dreams are interpreted differently based on your traditions and cultures. One aspect believe is a prediction of what you are experiencing in your life or what will happen to you in the future. An alternative perspective describes it as a compilation of your thoughts and imaginations.

What is your belief about dreams? What are your experiences with sleep paralysis or dreams in general?


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