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“The few trees still upright were stripped of their branches, lonely flagpoles without a nation to claim them.”  ~ Mike Mullin

This piece highlights the beauty of uncertainty during the creation process; “Intention endangers creation.” This saying depicts writing as an unplanned process. Additionally, art is represented as an adventure, and the artist is underway to discovery.


I find myself walking into the same house. A building discarded and hidden under rubble. The pillars are no longer held together by the same piece of wood. Darkness overshadows the dust that dances in the air. My shirt takes on the role of a mask as I suspend my breath. The walk towards the stairway is quite short. I used to be fond of this place. Memories created in the past years hide beneath the ashes. My eyes take an odd shape to prevent unknown particles. Anger fills my soul. No, sorrow fills my heart. I am saddened that I have to find another home. I am saddened that I can’t control this aspect of my life.

I stand here in hopes of finding something worth preserving. “It’s all ashes now,” the fireman says as he guides me to the second floor. It can’t be all ashes. It can’t be all gone. I have this feeling that something was left behind. Let the Angels guide me and reveal one last blessing. My attention draws closer to a bulging red material. Walking towards it reveals an image of a stained box. Rust unravelled on the lid. There sit pictures. I see myself, mum, dad, aunties and uncles. I see holidays and baptism. I see grandma bestowing kisses to her grandchild. I see a girl at the age of four celebrating her birthday. I see lost candles. I see a kite caught among branches.

I stand here with one last chance to recollect how this rugged building was once called home.


Copyright ©2017 Kihek productions

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